About Filip Gawronski

This website is a showcase of my work. Here you can see my progress as a digital photography enthusiast.

Filip Gawronski about

I am a photography enthusiast based in Krakow, Poland. I lived many years in Western Germany. Since 2014 i am spending a lot of time with different types of photography. In 2014, when i bought my first DSLR, i started to take photos of almost everything, i took my first interesting landscapes, wildlife pictures and many more. Today i feel more specialised in Landscape and night photograhy, portrait photography and i am starting to learn the special methods and aesthetics of fine art architecture photography, which i am totally fascinated of.

I like to learn about the theory of photography, about design, composition and about digital photo-editing. It is a beautiful field of creativity and design, where you never stop learning. My photography editing skills are growing while i am using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

My equipment is a DSLR Full Frame Camera – the Nikon D800 and a few nice lenses. Of course i use a solid tripod, too.

I hope you are spending a great time on my website. Take the time and view my pictures in my portfolio!